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Irina Bako


Last week I couldn’t help notice a very minimalist but compelling viral campaign, (fake “CAT MISSING” kind of ads) posted all over the available lampposts of Munich. The ad featured the déjà-famous still from Daniel Nocke’s animated short „12 Jahre” (the bulldog lady who is being dumped for a poodle, if you don’t know it, click) and, as a reward, it gave away invitations to an evening of Film und Fest in one of the BMW showrooms.

I don’t know whether the nice crowd that gathered for the event replied to the viral or they were just long-term fans, but, in any case, it was a very good crowd. The Drehmomente #1 (film and music) festival is the initiative of the wonderful people from filmundfest.de and, at least in my opinion, it serves as a perfect example of an evening filled with great fun, in spite of the cold autumn weather. The selection of short films was quite remarkable – most of them being award-winning films and animations from all over the world – and the showing did not last for longer than an hour, which, at least in my opinion, is the exact time one needs to spend in front of a screen on a Saturday evening.

My favorite short was this one, Andreas Hykade’s “Love & Theft”, who also animated that brilliant icon of ‘90s pop-culture, the Zehn Kleine Jägermeister video. Another highlight of the program was the Swedish “Incident by a Bank”, winner of the 2010 Berlinale Golden Bear, which is a funny reenactment of a completely absurd (failed) bank robbery that took place in Stockholm. But the real excitement of the evening was the bustling Marbert Rocel, a band from Leipzig you might have heard of, because they’ve signed to Munich’s Compost Records and because they are truly, fantastically amazing, at least if you’re into frenetic public dancing.

Marbert Rocel, despite its Frenchy name, is from Erfurt/Leipzig; its three main band members with cool nicknames (Spunk, Panthera and Malik) developed a totally new sound, combining pop with sax with marimba with warm techno beats, which compel you to sweat and go like ‘woooo’ every 30 seconds or so. They can maybe remind you of Moloko, Koop, Herbert or Kruder&Dorfmeister, yet they have their own special thing going on, the quintessence of which is the combined name of two of their own songs – Beats like Birds and Purple Bass. The act following them was the legendary Beanfield, unfortunately with a DJ set, but it did manage to keep the crowd alive for the rest of the evening.

The swirly BMW showroom made both a great cinema and dance floor (though the sound wasn’t the best, but that is somehow understandable) and the price of the thing was so low-budget (10 e) that I can’t even start to describe the warm feeling of smart Angebot this gave me. But the biggest thing about this was the fact that finally, after all this time, I wasn’t the only lonely dancing member of the audience. So, bravo!
I’m really looking forward to a Zugabe.

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