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Premiere: Bühnenpolka auf Englisch

DAS HEPPEL GEHT FREMD  feiert am Donnerstag, den 03.07.14, eine Premiere mit einer grandiosen Bühnenpolka Show auf Englisch: kill your bordenessBühnenpolka – Munich´s finest Improv Special: Bring two friends along and get 1 free ticket!!

You are sitting at home and you have nothing to do?…. When you walk into a supermarket in Munich you do not know how to ask for your favourite food? Videocalls are not the answer for getting to know some new friends?

We want to create some HEIMAT for you. HEIMAT is where your heart “lives”.

Our international ensemble will perform exclusively in English. No Subtitles. No misunderstandings.

Improve is the art of creating stories and great moments on stage. With the support of your inspirations, we make it happen.

Be a part of the Bühnenpolka-Madness!


Beginn 20:30 |  Einlass 19:30  |  Eintritt 12,- / 8,- Euro

PREMIERE :  Donnerstag, 03.07.2014

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