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Zehn Fragen an Haezer

Fabian Kournettas
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Die erste Show von Haezer war für Viele das absolute Highlight dieses Jahres. Es ist kaum zu glauben, dass der junge Südafrikaner erst seit knapp zwei Jahren produziert und auflegt. Nach seiner ersten Europa Tour und seinen Shows in Australien gehört er zu den  größten Electro-Acts. Nun kommt er wieder nach Deutschland. Am 29. Oktober schiebt er im Crux die Regler nach oben.  Wir haben ihm vorab ein paar Fragen gestellt.

How did you get into music?

i guess it’s always just been with me from a very young age. as far as i can remember back i was always obsessed with music, so it was just a natural progression to go from just collecting music to making it.

What is your first musical reminiscence?

Playing my first gig in a small restaurant. their was a big mirror at the back of the place and so the sound just bounced right back at us and the feedback was so bad that i just ended up playing the whole show without the vocals, guitar, or violin…it was really bad and a moment i won’t easily forget.

What makes your sound unique?

i guess it’s the synths’ distortion. i think i have a unique way of distorting my synths and so people can hear when a track is a HAEZER track.

Are there any djs who has influenced your music?

So many. From the early Dieselboy d ‘n b stuff, to the Propellerheads breaks, to the more experimental Boards of Canada and then the Warp Records guys, Ed Banger Records guys. too many to mention.

You´ve already worked with a lot of people – who has inspired you the most?

Cyberpunkers. their sound is just ridiculously good.


With who would you like to play?

Proxy. but then again, he’ll destrooooy the dancefloor and it’ll be hard to follow. but yes. it would be great to be on the same bill as him.

A lot of DJs prefer mp3 instead of vinyl – what do you think about this development?

ah shit, this again. it doesn’t really matter to me. i play both cdj’s and laptop. but for big shows i like to use my laptop and controller, cause i can use more effects and make it seem more ‘live’. as in cutting up bits and looping and acapellas, etc.

What is the different between the south african electro scene and the rest?

no difference. we’re just still very young in the scene. many dj’s, not so many producers.

What kind of music do you hear to relax?

nick cave, boards of canada, midlake, bob marly…ok no wait…this list can carry on for pages and pages….

What can we excpect from you in the future? What will come next, what can we expect from you?

next is more tours. portugal, australia and italy. also 3 more e.p’s and some remixes.

Noize Generation – Get the fuck up(HAEZER RMX) by HAEZER

Seine nächste Show in München wird am 29.Oktober im Crux sein. Alle weiteren Infos bekommt ihr auf

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